Allyson Smith
 Hi, My name is Allyson, you can call me Ally...or Allyson, either work. 
I consider myself a fun-loving wife (of 22 years) and mother/taxi driver of three kids with a flair for adventure!
 I am a lover of dogs (seriously I can't get enough of my furry critters) and all things adventurous.
I'm a not a Colorado native but I got here as fast as I could, then I moved to a desert 3 different times, (what was I thinking) thankfully I am back and I hope to be here forever. 
There is no place like home, but I am always game for a spontaneous trip to somewhere I've never been before! Road trips are my jam and buying snacks for the road trip is almost as good as the trip itself! 
I enjoy making/capturing memories with my husband and my kids. Although something tells me they a sick of the camera. I often hear now ("Mom, please don't post that") psst, I would never....or would I? hmmm
 You could say that I'm inspired by the places around me. I believe that the world is a beautiful place and that Colorado is a gem. I have an ever-growing bucket list of things to see (and photograph) in this world, the Northern lights is at the top. 
 Professional photography has always been my hearts desire, now it is my passion. I love working and interacting with children and families. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. 
Creating beautiful photos for people is what I love doing. Thanks in advance, I look forward to meeting you and yours. 
Your Photographer,
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